Who we are

Salo is a conservation tech company. Our mission is to accelerate solutions to climate change and biodiversity loss by guiding investments in natural climate solutions: conservation, restoration & improved land stewardship.

We use three tools—satellite data, artificial intelligence & ecological modeling—to identify conservation opportunities, monitor ecosystem health & predict environmental change. And we identify equally as ecologists, environmentalists & technologists.

Learn more about what we're working on now, how we think about technology and conservation & how to get involved in working with us.

What we do

Salo works with stakeholders to identify priority areas for conservation, restoration & improved land stewardship.
Investing in nature is a crucial but challenging task. Governments and landowners must balance the paradoxical demands of sustainability and growth. Natural climate solutions are foundational to a sustainable economy, and Salo Sciences’ data and mapping capabilities accelerate collaborative strategies and policy change to get there. Read more about our policy experience.
Salo uses high resolution remote sensing and AI to comprehensively track ecosystem health at low cost over large areas.
Protecting habitat and improving stewardship are the first steps towards sustainable conservation and a sustainable economy. Next is to ensure intended improvements actually work. Few organizations can comprehensively monitor their lands; most rely on expensive, labor intensive field surveys. We, at Salo, are harnessing new technologies to monitor project outcomes at landscape scale and over time. Read more about our technology.
With the best available science and technology, Salo supports conservation planning by reducing uncertainty.
Though natural climate solutions are designed to store carbon, reduce emissions, & restore biodiversity, there is a great deal of uncertainty about how ecosystems will respond to future climate change. Both ecosystems and the climate are complex, interwoven systems. With predictive analytics that use historical data, climate models & AI, Salo' models help land managers future proof today’s conservation plans. Read some peer-reviewed research by Salo scientists.

Featured projects

Harnessing today’s data and technologies to reveal where and when communities face the greatest risk, and to support the planning and execution of wildfire mitigation and forest resilience strategies
Severe pest and drought-driven mortality have taken a dramatic toll on the forests of the Sierras. By improving how we map and monitor mortality, we seek to improve sustainable harvesting practices and reduce wildfire hazards
Commercial timber harvests are a major source of carbon emissions—they're the primary source for several states—and harvest emissions are on par with wildfire emissions in California. Improving timber harvest management is a central mitigation strategy
Large trees provide critical habitat for many wildlife species, including the California spotted owl. Protected since 1990 by the Endangered Species Act, we need mapping tools to guide protection for both the owls and the forests that support them