The future is green

Sustainability and conservation are now recognized as the foundation of our future—as essential for stable economic growth, food security & wellbeing. National parks generate more revenue than Hollywood; countries get more water from forests than from filtration plants; mangroves protect more coastline than levees. The world is developing nature-based solutions to man-made problems—and investments in land management and conservation are soaring. This is the transition from grey to green.

Yet these investments carry uncertainty—will natural ecosystems remain resilient under our changing climate? Answering this question remains a major challenge. Nature is a complex, interconnected system. To better understand it, we need to derive new knowledge from global data and analytics. Salo develops these insights by combining ecology, satellite imagery & artificial intelligence to envision a more colorful future.

The future is Salo

Salo is a conservation analytics & monitoring company. Our mission is to enable sustainable ecosystem management by improving how landowners invest in conservation. We develop analytics products by combining ecological science, satellite imagery & artificial intelligence. You can learn more about these services here. Please contact us if you are interested in on our products.

Salo Identify

Identifying conservation opportunities

Investing in nature-based solutions is a crucial, yet challenging task. Governments and NGOs, who manage most of these investments, must balance the competing demands of environmental sustainability and economic growth. Striking this balance requires making choices about where to invest in each. With our analytical and policy expertise, Salo helps identify priority conservation areas to maximize return on investment within the complex frameworks of environmental regulations.

Salo Monitor

Monitoring Ecosystem Health

Changing management practices and protecting habitat are the first steps towards sustainable conservation. The next step is ensuring these changes are effective. Few organizations comprehensively monitor their conservation investments, however; most rely on expensive and labor intensive spot checks. Salo develops ecosystem monitoring products using regularly-updated imagery from a series of satellites to comprehensively assess conservation effectiveness at low cost.

Salo Predict

Predicting Environmental Change

Organizations seek to reduce uncertainty prior to investing in conservation—they want to ensure their investments will be resilient to future change. Yet an old axiom persists: it is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future. This is even more true under our changing climate. Salo supports conservation planning by developing predictive analytics from historical data, climate modeling & artificial intelligence, reducing uncertainty around future change.