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At Salo Sciences we’re working to reduce catastrophic wildfires and conserve forests as a means to fight climate change. Join our growing team of scientists and engineers building next-generation tech solutions for conservation and climate change mitigation around the planet.

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Geospatial Software Developer

Automation, data management, API development

We’re developing software to process satellite imagery into maps of forest structure that get updated on a regular basis, providing a dynamic view of wildfire hazard. This new monitoring system is in its early phases of development—come design and develop the software architecture behind a new approach to mapping wildfire exposure with cutting edge technology.

Primary responsibilities

  • Automate geospatial data processing routines
  • Design and maintain geospatial-friendly scalable cloud data processing and storage architecture
  • Schedule processing routines to automatically download, process & store data
  • Begin designing an API to enable mixed public/private data access
  • Develop unit and integration tests for existing Salo software

Required experience

  • Python development
  • Geospatial software development or experience with geospatial data
  • Distributed computing
  • Cloud-computing platforms
    • GCP (preferred) or AWS

Preferred experience

  • API development
  • GeoServer, GeoTrellis, OpenLayers, PostGIS
  • Kubernetes, Dask, Xarray
  • Django, Postgres

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