About us

Accelerating natural climate solutions with data & analytics

Our Perspective

At Salo Sciences we take a holistic approach to ecosystem mapping, viewing climate, society & ecology as deeply connected.

We see conservation and restoration as critical risk mitigation strategies that will reduce the likelihood and intensity of severe climate change events.

So we strive to accelerate the pace and scale of investments in natural climate solutions by using technology to identify conservation opportunities, monitor ecosystem health & predict environmental change.

Our Team

David Marvin

Co-founder & CEO

Photograph of David Marvin

Christopher Anderson

Co-founder & CTO

Photograph of Christopher Anderson

Kyle Gertridge

Co-founder & Head of Business Development

Photograph of Kyle Gertridge

Pariya Pourmohammadi

Deep Learning Engineer

Photograph of Pariya Pourmohammadi

Ryan McCarthy

Geospatial Data Engineer

Photograph of Ryan McCarthy

Hannah Ross

Simulation Engineer

Photograph of Hannah Ross

James Ash

Radar and Forest Carbon Specialist

Photograph of James Ash

Heather D'Angelo

Head of Marketing

Photograph of Heather D'Angelo
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Our Technology

We use global technologies to design digital MRV tools—monitoring, reporting & verification—to help governments and landowners understand and manage landscapes.

Our cloud-based software maps forests by applying cutting edge analytics to high resolution satellite data.

It takes specific scientific and technical systems to process and analyze these data, and we leverage our unique blend of technical and ecological expertise to transform satellite data into precision metrics of forest health.

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