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Peer-reviewed publications from the team

Frontiers in conservation technology

Integrating technologies for scalable ecology and conservation
Global Ecology and Conservation
Biodiversity monitoring, earth observations and the ecology of scale
Ecology Letters
Tree species mapping with airborne imaging spectroscopy

Forests and climate change in California

Toward a carbon neutral California: economic and climate benefits of land use interventions
Effects of 21st‐century climate, land use, and disturbances on ecosystem carbon balance in California
Global Change Biology
Ecosystem management and land conservation can substantially contribute to California’s climate mitigation goals
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences

New perspectives on ecosystem services & biodiversity

Reimagining the potential of Earth observations for ecosystem service assessments
Science of the Total Environment
Nature and mental health: An ecosystem service perspective
Science Advances
Intensive farming drives long-term shifts in avian community composition

Mapping carbon stocks and flows

Spatially explicit analysis of field inventories for national forest carbon monitoring
Carbon balance and management
Amazonian landscapes and the bias in field studies of forest structure and biomass
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
Targeted carbon conservation at national scales with high-resolution monitoring
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences